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Frequently Asked Questions

HOW DOES GOLF GAME CENTRAL WORK? ¬†Each week you will select one or more golfers for a tournament from the official field report for that week’s tournament provided by the PGA Tour. You earn dollars based on the money your player selection(s) earn during a specific golf tournament. The total of all your weekly money earned will be what determines your overall money earned. Each Monday by 12:00PM EST throughout the season, money earned by your selection(s) each week will be updated based on final results and earnings.

WHAT FANTASY GAME FORMATS ARE AVAILABLE? Whether you are starting a private league or joining an existing league, there are several different formats that can be used when creating a league. The first option will be to choose the number of player selections to be made for each tournament. The second option is to choose the number of times a specific golfer can be selected by a game participant during the season. The third option will be to select either a full tournament schedule or a customized schedule of selected tournaments.

HOW DO I START A LEAGUE? Except for the Fantasy Challenge, all leagues are private. You can start a league by clicking on the CREATE LEAGUE button. You can invite other players to join by sending an email directly from the league start-up page which will include a league password to gain access.

HOW DO I JOIN A LEAGUE? You can join a league by clicking JOIN LEAGUE button. You will be able to view a list of private leagues. If you have been invited to join a league, you must enter the league password to gain access. You may join a league at any time during the season; however, you cannot make any selections for tournaments that have been completed. If you do not have a private league to join, play the in 2024 Fantasy Challenge.

HOW DO I SELECT A GOLFER?  Each Monday after 12:00PM EST throughout the season, the initial field report will be uploaded to the website. You must choose a golfer(s) that will compete in the event for that week based on the number of golfers to select in your league rules. You cannot select an eligible golfer more than once for a specific tournament. The pool of golfers may change week to week based on individual golfer's participation in a tournament. Check PGA Tour website to make sure your selected golfer is still playing.

WHAT IS THE DEADLINE FOR SELECTING A GOLFER? For all golf tournaments that run from Thursday through Sunday, the deadline for picking a golfer each week is 2:59 AM EST on the Thursday of the tournament. If a golf tournament runs Wednesday through Sunday, the deadline for picking a golfer each week is 2:59 AM EST on the Wednesday of the tournament. If a golf tournament runs Friday through Monday, the deadline for picking a golfer each week is 2:59 AM EST on the Friday of the tournament.

WHAT IF MY SELECTION IS NOT AVAILABLE? When making your player selection(s) each week, players shaded in gray are not eligible for selection based on your league rules. If you fail to select a golfer or have selected a golfer that does not compete in the tournament, you will be awarded $0 toward your overall total dollar amount for the week. updates the current field report for the tournament each Monday of the tournament week. Website is not responsible for selected players on the field report that withdraw from the tournament before or after the tournament has started. Contact your league commissioner for more information on your player selection or errors in the field report. You will be able to view all league selections for a tournament after the tournament begins.

WHAT IF I AM A COMMISSIONER OF A PRIVATE LEAGUE? When you start a league, you will be able to assign commissioner status to one or multiple persons in your league. Commissioner status gives you the ability to update league message board, invite new players to your game and manage selections for registered players in your game. League commissioners are responsible for all player selections during the season. Each update to a player selection by the commissioner will happen automatically with a date and time stamped for accuracy once a change has been made. Website and its administrators will NOT make any changes to player selections in a private league without authorization from league commissioner, and only, in the event that league commissioner cannot make an update. League commissioner may contact support for more information.

WHAT ABOUT TIEBREAKERS? Private leagues will have separate tiebreaker rules. Contact your league commissioner for more information. In case there is a tie for an overall standings prize in the Fantasy Challenge, the team with the most money earned during the last week of the fantasy golf season, going back one week at a time until the tie is broken, will be declared the winner. If there is still a tie, the winner will be determined by random drawing.